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Lasry, Redleaf and Minard Talk Hedge Funds: 2014 Hedgeworld East Video

It was both a privilege and honor to moderate the Annual Hedgeworld East panel on, "How to Build an Enduring Hedge Fund Business Today" with two of the hedge fund industry's most compelling investors: Andy Redleaf, Founder & CEO of Whitebox Advisors and Marc Lasry, Founder & CEO of Avenue Capital. The event was held in New York City in March 2014.

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CHFA Thought Leadership: The Secret to Asset Growth in 2013

Since 2012, the CHFA has been conducting Thought Leadership Roundtable Dinners designed to chronicle current issues of interest to the hedge fund community. On May 6th in Las Vegas, NV, CHFA held one such dinner to discuss strategies to help fund managers secure new assets. The following summary of highlights from the discussion was written by Rachel Minard, who also moderated the dinner.

CHFA Thought Leadership: The Secret to Asset Growth in 2013 (Open Externally)

CNN Money- SEI Study: Hedge Fund Managers Face…

A new study conducted by SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC) in collaboration with Minard Capital LLC finds that hedge fund managers must rethink their business models, provide tailored solutions, and offer multi-faceted client communications. This amidst a climate in which investors are heavily scrutinizing the industry's value proposition. SEI's insights are based on the company's sixth annual global survey of institutional investors, as well as insights from nearly 50 hedge fund managers, investors, and consultants who participated in roundtable discussions in New York and London organized and moderated by Minard Capital.

CNN Money- SEI Study: Hedge Fund Managers Face... (Open Externally)

SEI Hedge Fund Paper- 6 Ways Hedge Funds Need to Adapt Now

SEI’s sixth annual survey of institutional hedge fund investors was conducted in November 2012 by the SEI Knowledge Partnership. Online questionnaires were completed by senior investment professionals at 107 institutions.

6 Ways Hedge Funds Need to Adapt Now (Open Externally)

Hedge Funds Must Make ‘Evolutionary Leap’: New SEI study…

This article was written by Ellen Kelleher of The Financial Times.

Hedge Funds Must Make 'Evolutionary Leap' (Open Externally)

Broadreach Bulletin: Global Marketing & Investor Relations Talent Practice

We are continually looking for ways to positively differentiate our firm and our marketing practice from our competitors. To wit, we asked a marketing industry domain expert to contribute a thought piece to this first edition of the Bulletin; one we hope our marketing search clients will find interesting. We wish to thank Rachel Minard, Founder and CEO of Minard Capital, as one such marketing domain expert, for contributing to our first edition. We are thrilled with the topics she has chosen to write about.

Broadreach Bulletin, First Quarter 2013 Article (Open Externally)

Hedge Fund Veteran To Speak At TEDx “Designing Tomorrow – The Emerging Future”

TEDxMarin Rachel S.L. Minard, the CEO of Minard Capital LLC will be speaking at the independently organized TED event for Marin County California, TEDxMarin.

Minard has 20 years of experience in the hedge fund industry, she will be speaking about the economic future of the US: “The Future of American Capitalism.”

More on TEDxMarin “Designing Tomorrow – The Emerging Future” (Open Externally)

Opalesque New Managers Q&A with Rachel Minard

Opalesque: What are your recommendations to emerging managers in terms of marketing strategy?

Rachel Minard: Start-up hedge funds need to approach their growth in a pragmatic way.

The first step is to do with a sober holistic assessment, which is to say ‘do I have a strategy that in and of itself is unique enough to secure market share?’ The next one would be ‘who is the natural buyer for this type of fund and is there interest in this type of strategy?’ More importantly, ‘who are my peers in that strategy and how have they done?’ You need some context to gauge where you would fit, where you could put a toehold into the business. *cont'd*

Click "DOWNLOAD HERE" at the bottom of the website and navigate to PAGE 23 for more of Rachel's recommendations to emerging managers.

Opalesque's Emerging Managers Monitor July/August 2012 (Open Externally)

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