In her first book, Speaking in Thumbs: The Handbook of Empathy, Rachel Minard shows how empathy and the importance of relationships become your personal currency: the key to leading an authentic life. continue reading

Rachel Minard book about empathy, how to build relationships, personal currency and leading an authentic life. Let me know when I can buy the book.

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Rachel Minard

Rachel Minard. Alternative Investment Management professional and author of the book Speaking in Thumbs: The Handbook of Empathy.

Rachel Minard is the Founder and CEO of Minard Capital LLC, a privately-owned, global institutional marketing firm headquartered in San Francisco, California with a satellite office in New York City. The firm offers outsourced institutional marketing and asset raising consulting services to hedge funds and fund of hedge funds around the world. The firm is not a broker/dealer nor a third-party marketer. The firm is paid by project, not on assets raised.

Before building Minard Capital, Rachel built and managed global institutional investment businesses for twenty years, including ten years building fund of hedge fund firms, notably Cadogan Management and Corbin Capital Partners. Having raised over $10 billion in her career, Rachel started her marketing career in 1991 after her company was hired to build the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Rachel holds a B.A. in journalism with honors from Northeastern University with notable distinction as a Wesley W. Marple Distinguished Lecturer by the university. Rachel serves on several-high profile advisory boards, has been featured on CNBC and NPR, has won numerous industry awards for institutional marketing and serves on the Investment Sub-Committee of the Westover School Endowment. With an upcoming publication of her first book, Speaking in Thumbs: The Handbook of Empathy, Rachel Minard adds the title of “author” to her accomplished career.

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